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Russell Moon, Senior Consultant.

Russell Moon is the ‘Great State Schools‘ programme leader. Previously he was headteacher of an ‘outstanding’ 11-18 comprehensive school. He has worked as Consultant Headteacher with a number of schools in challenging circumstances including those in Fresh Start and National Challenge, successfully guiding them through Ofsted inspections and helping them to overcome other major difficulties. He is a School Improvement Partner and London Challenge Advisor. As the GAP Project Leader he supported significantly raised achievement in the 6 Cohort 1 schools.

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Russell Moon is the ‘Great State Schools’ programme leader.

As Project Leader of the GCSE Achievement and Progress (GAP) Project, Russell’s focus is on building the capacity to raising achievement for GCSE students in a variety of underperforming schools. After two years cohort 1 schools improved 5A*-C by an average of 17%. 5A*-C including English and maths also improved, by an average of 12%.

Russell is a highly experienced Consultant Headteacher with significant expertise in running large comprehensive schools. He was for 6 years headteacher of an 11-18 comprehensive school in Essex. When it received an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted, the report said ‘He is passionate about students achieving their potential’. It also became the Eastern Region DCSF Pathfinder for workforce reform and was the first ‘Microsoft Partner School’ in the UK. In recognition for his curriculum development work he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.

Following a secondment as Head of iNet, the international arm of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, he founded the Oak House Partnership.

Over the last 5 years he has worked as Consultant Headteacher with a number of schools in very challenging circumstances including those in Fresh Start and National Challenge, successfully guiding them through Ofsted inspections and other major challenges including budget deficits.

His particular focus has been on building capacity to raise achievement and improve provision for all students, including those with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

With a strong interest in student and staff voice, he has developed techniques for gathering and harnessing their views.

A School Improvement Partner for schools in Cambridgeshire and Barking and Dagenham he is also a London Challenge and Gaining Ground Advisor. Recently he piloted the Specialist School redesignation process with the DCSF.

He recently led a local authority review of Assessment for Learning in 30 secondary schools, identifying best practice and ways for each school to embed AfL into all learning and teaching.

Russell has masters degrees from the University of London and Anglia Ruskin University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and an Associate of the University of London Institute of Education.

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Jackie Beere, Senior Consultant

Jackie Beere was Head teacher at Campion School, Northants until 2006 and is now an author, consultant, trainer and School Improvement Partner. She was awarded the OBE in November 2002 for services to education, having trained many teachers and school leaders in the latest theory and practice of learning to learn and emotional intelligence. Her work on developing learning competencies has been filmed for ‘Teacher’s TV’.

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Jackie Beere became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 1999, training many teachers and school leaders across the UK in techniques for transforming learning and developing Emotional Intelligence. In 2002 Jackie received an OBE for services to education for her work in developing Learning to Learn initiatives and for leading national training for ASTs.

She then went on to become Headteacher of Campion School, Northamptonshire. In 2004 this large comprehensive school achieved a very good OFSTED report under her leadership. It was described as ‘very effective with excellent features.’ ‘The dynamic focus by the Headteacher …on improving learning is proving very effective in raising standards and has achieved local and national recognition’

Jackie introduced several curriculum innovations in her school, including introducing the RSA Opening Minds competency-based curriculum, until she left to take up consultancy and training work in 2006. She has also written several publications linked to transforming learning, including her latest book ‘The Learner’s Toolkit’, full of lessons to help teachers deliver lessons in social and emotional intelligence (SEAL).

Consultancy projects have included:

  • redesigning Headship for National College for School Leadership;
  • redesigning the curriculum for Studio Schools project for the Young Foundation;
  • Building Schools for the Future School Improvement Advisor on Transforming Learning for five schools in Cambridgeshire;
  • post 16 Raising Achievement Project for Northampton Excellence Cluster;
  • creating a training the trainers course to deliver in Poland through local authorities; and
  • QCA project working with 3 schools to create competency based projects that engage learners. Filmed and developed as a media resource for television.

As a School Improvement Partner Jackie works for Cambridgeshire and Warwickshire LA’s in schools and Pupil Referral Units.

Jackie is also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, using NLP techniques to train students, teachers and leaders how to manage their thinking to produce excellent results.

Currently Jackie is much in demand for her course on ‘Delivering the perfect Oftsted lesson’.

The Learner’s Toolkit

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Gulshan Kayembe, Senior Consultant

Gulshan Kayembe has inspected over 300 schools and works regularly in a consultant with schools and Local Authorities to provide support for school improvement. This consultancy includes: school inspection; leadership and management; school self-evaluation including helping schools to develop consistency in their lesson observations; teaching and learning; and EAL provision, race equality and community cohesion.

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Gulshan is currently an independent consultant who has inspected more than 300 schools as a lead inspector, of which over a hundred have been secondary schools. Gulshan has been leading Ofsted inspections since 1995 in the secondary, primary and PRU phases. She has worked in about 10 schools as an external adviser on headteachers’ performance management since 2000 and mentored headteachers in primary and secondary schools. These roles have focused on assessing school performance and helping to set targets for improvement. She is involved in quality assurance on Ofsted inspections and has been a critical reader of inspection reports since 1997 and continues to QA reports for current S5 and S8 inspections.

Gulshan works regularly as a consultant with schools and Local Authorities to provide support for school improvement in a wide range of areas:

  • preparation for school inspection;
  • leadership and management;
  • school self-evaluation (SEFs) including helping schools to develop consistency in their lesson observations;
  • teaching and learning;
  • assessment to support learning;
  • reviewing and developing science in schools;
  • EAL provision, race equality and community cohesion.

She has also written materials for Ofsted training and published materials for schools. Gulshan has over twenty years’ experience of training and provides training for schools and Local Authorities on a regular basis. This training ranges from:

  • school self-evaluation for heads, senior managers and governors;
  • development of leadership and management roles;
  • evaluating, developing and improving teaching and learning;
  • preparation for Ofsted;
  • community cohesion;
  • team building;
  • recruitment and selection and diversity;
  • managing diversity.

In her consultancy role, Gulshan has been involved from time to time with reviewing LA education/school improvement services. In addition, she regularly pulls together a team to carry out an Ofsted style review for schools who feel they would benefit from such an experience.

Gulshan has recently stood down as Chair of Suffolk Police Authority and in this role has been heavily involved with strategic planning, consulting and engaging with local communities, chairing the appointments panels for all current chief officers, including the chief constable, working in partnership with other statutory and voluntary bodies across Suffolk, monitoring performance including being directly involved in the PDRs of the chief constable, all other 16 members of the Authority and the Chief Executive of the Police Authority.

As part of her chair role Gulshan has had significant input into the Local Area Agreement 2 (LAA2) and sits on the county Safer Suffolk Board as well as the Suffolk Strategic Partnership Board. The latter developed the 20 Year Community Strategy for Suffolk. Gulshan was a key partner in this.

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Ken Jones Senior Consultant

Since 1997 Ken Jones has been a secondary headteacher. He is leaving his third headship in August 2010 where was appointed to a school which was in Special Measures and in 2005 had a CVA for KS2 – 4 at the 100th percentile (only two schools lower in England). It is now one of the most improved schools in the country. In five years GCSE results have improved from 35% to above 78%. He is a trained Ofsted team inspector for mathematics & ICT at secondary & post 16 levels and School Improvement Partner (SIP).

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In his most recent headship Ken Jones has significantly raised student achievement with results now mostly well above FFT-D, from:

  • 35% 5+ A*-C in 2005 to above 78% in 2010;
  • 23% 5+ A*-C inc. E+M in 2005 to at least 41% (FFT D) in 2010;
  • the third worst CVA in England (100th percentile) for KS2–4 to 44th percentile at 1002.8 (44th percentile) in 2010;
  • in 2010 we expect CVA (EM) to be in excess of 1020; and
  • data for the current Year 10 shows their progress is ahead of the current Y11 and so the school can realistically expect results to improve still further in 2011.

The main features of Ken’s work were:

  • transforming the curriculum including a 3 year key stage 4
  • improving leadership capacity at all levels;
  • putting in place missing or out of date policies;
  • establishing student level target setting and putting in place a robust system of tracking student progress;
  • improving intervention strategies;
  • revamping of behaviour management;
  • ensuring greater consistency of staff approaches; and
  • reforming the curriculum to provide opportunities that matched students’ needs on three pathways at each key stage.

Previously, Ken was Headteacher of High Tunstall College of Science, Hartlepool from 2002 to 2006 where both KS3 and KS4 results improved to record levels. The school gained specialist Science status under his leadership

From two years prior to this he was managing director of Educate-UK.com Limited his own educational leadership and management consultancy. Contracts included:

  • LB of Hillingdon (full-time), Member of project team to establish Stockley Academy (50%fte). Drafted policies, helped design curriculum and develop rooming for new build. Recruited teachers to LEA and trained OTT teachers (50% fte).
  • LB of Islington, Associate Headteacher at Islington Arts & Media School (IAMS) for two terms. Provided specific support on raising the quality of teaching; middle leadership; financial management (to remove substantial deficit); use of ICT in administration; guidance on HMI monitoring; wrote the Special Measures Action Plan and the Fresh Start Raising Achievement Plan to gain £750k over three years; provided monitoring & evaluation of the school’s action plan.
  • Cardiff CC, Associate Education Consultant 30 days p.a. providing secondary senior leadership and management expertise to secondary schools for the advisory service.

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Our Link Consultant network

Through our extensive link network we have access to over 400 high quality consultants with experience in school leadership and management, school consultancy support, interim management, recruitment and selection, service reviews and project management.

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