Case study 4Assessment for Learning & Assessing Pupil Progress

The schools: All 30 schools in one local authority. Developing Assessment for Learning and Assessing Pupil Progress to improve learning and teaching.

The problem: Schools progressing at different rates. Best practice being developed with local authority advisors.

The solution: Our consultant visited all 30 secondary schools to review their work on Assessment for Learning /Assessing Pupil Progress. Visit included interviews with senior leaders, heads of department and students.

The results: Feedback given to the leadership team of each school at the end of the visit on best practice and next steps in:

  • leadership and management;
  • whole school learning and teaching; and
  • subjects including English, maths and science.

A report on each school profiled the support needs over the next year. As well as giving advice and support we developed a database of best practice that has been shared by all schools.

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