Learning & Teaching

At the heart of all schools are teaching and learning. In all our work we aim to support schools and departments in creating the conditions for improving the quality of teaching so that all students can achieve their potential and enjoy their learning.

All our senior consultants are close to the classroom. They have an excellent track record of working with departments, teachers, students and leaders to support them in focusing on the key factors for successful teaching and learning including:

  • evaluating the quality of teaching and learning in lessons including Ofsted-style model lessons and reviews;
  • reviewing and improving assessment for learning;
  • developing leadership and management of learning and teaching;
  • tackling underperformance;
  • aspirational target setting, tracking, guidance and support;
  • helping teachers deliver lessons in social and emotional intelligence (SEAL);
  • developing Learning to Learn initiatives;
  • listening to the voice of leaders, staff and students;
  • systems and structures that develop a community of independent learners; and
  • building a professional development culture for long-term improvement.

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Case studyTransforming learning and teaching

The schools: All 30 schools in one local authority. Developing Assessment for Learning and Assessing Pupil Progress.

The problem: Schools progressing at different rates. Best practice being developed with local authority advisors.

The solution: Our consultant visited all 30 secondary schools to review their work on Assessment for Learning /Assessing Pupil Progress. Visit included interviews with senior leaders, heads of department and students.

The results: Feedback given to the leadership team of each school at the end of the visit on best practice and next steps in:

  • leadership and management;
  • whole school learning and teaching; and
  • subjects including English, maths and science.

A report on each school profiled the support needs over the next year. As well as giving advice and support we developed a database of best practice that has been shared by all schools.

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