We know that inspection grades are crucial. In all our work we aim to improve prospects for achieving higher inspection grades.

Our senior consultants include experienced Ofsted inspectors who have an excellent track record of working with schools to support them in focusing on the key factors for success including:

  • writing the SEF and improvement plan;
  • carrying out Ofsted- style reviews;
  • analysing data;
  • listening to the voice of leaders, staff and students;
  • teaching outstanding Ofsted lessons; and
  • building confident teams for long-term improvement.

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Case study Improving the inspection grade

The school: Comprehensive that had serious concerns about the grading it would receive in the next inspection.

The problem: Some lack of confidence about self-evaluation and aspects of the Ofsted criteria.

The solution: Our consultant worked with the senior team, governors and other leaders to carry out an Ofsted style review. Work included reviewing judgements in the SEF, the quality of learning and teaching and leadership and management.

The result: Confidence about self-evaluation improved, weaknesses were identified and addressed and the school achieved a good inspection grading.

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